Hello, I’m Alice. An avid crafter, reluctant fool-sufferer, can’t-stop-maker, child-juggler, aspiring grammar pedant, book lover, and puzzle geek. I drink far too many caffeinated hot drinks and make up stupid words for my own amusement. I set up my own tapestry kit business in 2014 because I want to inspire creativity in others, and it is an outlet for mine.

My brain loves pointless information, so here is some for yours: I love talking to strangers and I usually find that this works out for me. I fell off my bike in 2000 and haven’t got back on. I had my second baby in the hospital car park and I am the unfortunate beneficiary of my father’s sense of humour. Please bear with me!

Here’s what goes on in my head and via my hands onto paper.

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. I came over to your blog from Suzie’s blog party and I am glad I did. I very much enjoyed the posts that I have read. I am also a crafter, book lover, puzzle geek…I am glad I came upon your blog and i know I will enjoy following it. I see a great sense of humor.


    1. Wow – Thanks a bundle for that lovely comment. I am chuffed to bits about that 🙂 Suzie is certainly hosting a great party and I have found a lot of new interesting people to find out about. Look forward to checking your blog out too 🙂


      1. In my country the Bull Culture, ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ is everywhere. If you browse my blog you will realize that I love this animal, but with the just measure. I admire you’re working through the World of Colour. Thanks for sharing your lovely work. Best wishes for you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I appreciate this sincerity because in my opinion all about ‘toros’ (bulls) is a delicate topic and the polarized positions sometimes becomes crazy. See you soon. Good evening!


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