Bella the bloody bear

I had been dreading this bloody bear coming to our house. I did force half of my class to endure this little treat one year, for which I apologise, but at least I saw sense and abandoned Fluffy around Christmas. Karma’s a bitch. Continue reading


It’s the way they tell ’em

Jet has got really into telling jokes. He loves my brother’s gags – we all do – and despite the fact he doesn’t always really understand why they are funny, he will tell and retell them, making them his own.

Will: Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Jet: I don’t know! Why!?

Will: Because 7, 8, 9!

Everyone: Ha ha ha!

(A while later)

Jet: Why is 3 afraid of 4?

Everyone: I don’t know – why?

Jet: Because 4, 5, 6! Ha ha ha!

Jet will then repeat this joke for any other set of consecutive numbers, oblivious to the word play involved in the original’s success. Ad infinitum.

20170402_110254Sometimes, The Innovator nails it, though.

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5 stages of getting your child dressed

Hands up, who spends their early mornings nagging a small person/people to put some clothes on? If only they could understand that by getting dressed quickly they would then be free to enjoy crawling around under their bed, pretending to be the cat or whatever other nonsensical thing they’ve come up with this morning. Wouldn’t that be nice? I imagine it would be, but imagining it is as close as I have ever got.

Here are some methods that might help us all arrive with appropriately attired anklebiters whilst simultaneously staying sane!

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Putting the crazy into crazy golf

My intrepid girl, unwisely traversing a waterfall

I’ve just gone back to work full time, which has meant kissing goodbye to any time we used to get to spend together (as well as any energy I used to have to do anything apart from teach and all the related paperwork exercises). So, as it was nice and sunny (if a little nippy) last Sunday morning, we decided to go out for a round of crazy golf at a local course.

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Killing time #2

What’s that you say? A hobby you can eat? Where do I sign?

I like to fill a good proportion of all that spare time we all have floating about with baking. Despite a fairly natty taste in jackets, I am no Mary Berry, but I can definitely produce something more than edible. I have a lot of fun baking and decorating the children’s birthday cakes.

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Baking with the children

Jet loves baking, and he is always asking to make things. Usually involving chocolate. I gave up trying to get Jet to embrace healthy cake – he never ate it, so it was just a waste of ingredients. And maybe he’s right – maybe baked foods shouldn’t be healthy, maybe they should be sweet and crumbly and delicious. Putting in the right quantities of butter and sugar results in food creations that my children will actually eat. So I’m going with that!  Continue reading