Summer holidays week one

On Monday we began the holidays by spending the morning mooching about in our pyjamas trying to get our breath back a bit after our awesome barbecue the day before. Jet did some drawing whilst Stella (who had done some drawing on her legs) helped me with the washing – she loves to take it out of the machine and put it in the basket.

We played and mucked about being aeroplanes on Mummy’s feet, Nana popped round for a while, and we ate left over barbecued sausages in the garden. In the afternoon, Jet and I went to Arnold’s for a playdate. The boys spent a (mostly) happy couple of hours with their Star Wars toys and splashing about in the paddling pool. This resulted, inevitably, in a lot of nudity (theirs, not ours!) but I convinced him back into his pants for the journey home.

On Tuesday I had invited Grandad round as my parents had been away for a bit last week and hadn’t seen the kids for a while. He brought a big bag of beetroot and courgettes from his veg patch, and played with the children in the garden whilst I baked some of my hidden veg cheesy muffins for our picnic planned for the afternoon. Jet came in to help bake some chocolate buns, making sure the chocolate was alright by tasting it thoroughly, and assisted with the clean up by licking the spoon until it was “clean as a whistle.” I had to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn’t put it straight back in the drawer!

2016-08-06 20.19.54_resized

I had cut it pretty fine with the morning’s baking, and had to put the bakes into a tin after a very brief cool as it was time to meet our friends in the park. We picked a place and the adults sat down for a spot of lunch whilst the kids ran about, climbed on a log and indulged in the delightful pastime of “Bizzing” on each other – Arnold’s patented technique that Jet has embraced, involving blowing raspberries at someone and giving them a good shower of “Bizzwater”, aka dribble. In this case, it was accompanied by the crumbs of whatever picnic food you’re eating at the time. Delightful! Jet and Stella largely eschewed my offerings in favour of most of Laura’s cocktail sausages. We visited the playground for a bit before admitting defeat and heading home with two very worn out children. I had to pull out a couple of Grimm’s finest to get Jet to walk down the road.

On Wednesday we had planned to go into Enfield where there was a collection of fun fair rides as part of the beach event in the market square. We managed to get there once the rain had cleared and the kids had a happy couple of hours on the lovely rides. A parenting high occurred when we bought them some candy floss to share.

2016-08-06 20.21.27_resized

We returned to Enfield Town on Thursday for a Punch and Judy show, which the children enjoyed whilst snaffling a sausage roll. After the show, we went to the market where the kids shared a brownie and I struggled to choose something for lunch from the many lovely food stalls. I settled on some steak and managed to take a few pics of the kids “smiling”. Why is it when you ask them to smile they do this?

2016-08-06 20.22.09_resized

Stella reminded me it was time for her nap by being massively grumpy, so we headed for home and Jet enjoyed a rare go on the laptop, beginning a free 28 day trial of Reading Eggs, which he described by saying, “This is right down my road, isn’t it darling?”

2016-08-06 20.22.42_resized

On Friday it rained again, so we braved a previously uncharted soft play, which was surprisingly not too busy and rather clean. Jet did his usual trick of making friends with everyone in there, and Stella ascended the big kid equipment for the first time. After two hours, Chris and I were bored shitless, but luckily the kids had run themselves ragged and seemed happy enough to go home. Chris took Jet on a little shopping mission and they returned with a new pair of trainers each, some lights for Chris’ bike and a new tv to replace our ancient CRT Bang&Olufsen that has sadly stopped working after thirty years 😦

Saturday morning – our 7th wedding anniversary – started bright and early with Jet jumping onto our bed and demanding to watch Cbeebies in HD on the new tv. Which was relaxing. We (romantically) did our food shopping, Chris presented me with a bunch of flowers in Waitrose, and then headed over to my mum and dad’s house for a barbecue, where Chris and I ate a variety of delicious grilled stuff, and Jet and Stella ate sausages.

On Sunday we met up with Chris’ brother Phil, his wife Karen and their youngest daughter Libby – officially Jet’s favourite person in the world ever, at Parkside pick your own. We spent an enjoyable morning picking strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, chard, spinach, beetroot, courgettes and french beans, stopping to ask directions as we helpfully didn’t pick up a map until returning to the counter to pay. We absolutely followed the instruction on the signs telling you not to eat the fruit in the field 😉 . Then we went to The Sidings market in Winchmore Hill, where a quick perusal of what was on offer told us we would have to squeeze in at least three meals whilst we were there. Elevenses of creamy pastels washed down with coffee was followed by paella for Libby, Karen and me, a sausage in a roll for Jet and Stella, and curry and samosas for Chris and Phil. Stella and Jet had a boogie to the live music, made some friends and waved the trains into London. We managed to squeeze in a cake each before exploding going home to grumble about how full we were and promise never to eat again.

2016-08-06 20.30.46_resized
The kids chose to hang out at the scenic end (next to the toilets) where the best views of the trains were to be found

A fantastic start to the holidays, this week has been sponsored by gin and juice (a revelation!) and sausages. The soundtrack has been Jet and Stella’s cover version of the Go Jetters theme tune, which they have broken into at the top of their lungs approximately once a minute all week long.

2016-08-06 20.32.15_resized



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