A fairly normal Saturday #2

Throughout the summer, the children take it in turns to ruin our day, one of them always waking us up at silly o’clock whilst the other slumbers on undisturbed, as if they got together one night after lights out and drew up a rudimentary schedule. Today was Stella’s turn to trot into our room at 5.10 and try to squash her freezing cold feet between my thighs as I stared blearily at the clock in disbelief.

When Jet got up at six, I tried to encourage them to sit together and watch CBeebies for a bit whilst I snuck back to bed, but she took this as a personal insult. The sofa and kettle beckoned.

Cupateas, ‘bix and toast were demanded and eaten, clothes were presented and ignored, offers of help went unaccepted, countdowns reached their conclusions unheeded, reminders and threats worked their magic until eventually everyone was dressed. Chris went to work and Stella, Jet and I headed down the road to the hairdressers where the children had an appointment for a trim.

Amazingly, this visit was like taking someone else’s very well behaved children for a haircut. They were both so good I even got to read a magazine, and I felt a reward was definitely in order. Once the promised chocolate buttons were presented, my own children returned – Jet stropped at my suggestion we go to the bakery before feeding the ducks and not the other way around, whilst Stella, wearing a superhero cape, much preferred the idea of running about to waiting sensibly for the bus.

Once we got to Enfield Town, I relented and we fed the ducks first. We watched a couple of coots building a nest and sprinkled some oats in the direction of some nonchalant ducks. Super Stella ran up and down the path alongside the river, mercifully separated from the water by a fence, using her superpowers of being a trip hazard to the elderly, and alarming neighbourhood cats.

We wandered along to the geese on the grass, where Jet got far too close to the water’s edge and tried to climb the quaint and rather antique railings of the little footbridge as well as the wire securing the telegraph pole to the ground. He batted away my requests to descend, saying, “You’re supposed to climb up wires, Darling!” Approaching the fountain, he wanted to climb that too, asking, “How do you get to the middle?” I managed to remove him from the water feature just before he started to pick out the one penny coins at its bottom. Onward.

Stella was letting the whole Super thing go to her head and was still running. She would not be convinced to hold my hand, even after falling over several times, so I strapped the reluctant heroine into her pushchair, which was not what she had in mind. She made her disapproval known in the busy bakery by crying at the top of her lungs, until the availability of ‘nacks took her mind off this somewhat.

We walked back through town to get the ingredients for Jet’s idea – a birthday cake for Nana – past our friendly fishmongers. Jet wanted to go in and explain that “We don’t need any fish today, thanks,” but Andrew still offered him his usual – a cup of ice chips (this tradition started as Jet was always eating the ice chips off the display, which was a bit wrong). Chocolate, butter etc in the basket, I also bought a new tin, which I thought would give the cake a much less rusty taste than the one I had originally planned to use. Jet explained in detail to the woman on the check out what we were going to make, whilst he and Stella feasted on ice chips. I also bought a large bottle of Tanqueray. I do wonder what people make of me in public – gin and chocolate for mummy, plain ice for the nippers.

Bus caught and lunch eaten, I remembered that I had put a load of washing on before we went out. Jet commandeered one of the airers as his shop. I managed to convince him that what it sold was socks and pants, and that he needed to hang them up to form a display of his wares. He quickly had enough of this game and retired to the bench for a nap. “I’ve started you off,” he said, “When I open my eyes, I want to see the display finished.” Opening his eyes about 1 minute later, he was not satisfied with my handiwork. “I need some display here, here and here.” he instructed.

If you’re thinking, “That tin looks a little bit full,” you’d be right. The cake spilt over the top whilst it was cooking. This final picture shows the true secret to Barry Scott’s incredible results. I had to employ a similar technique on the bottom of the oven.

We said farewell to Stella for a nap. I explained to Jet that owing to my early morning wake up call I was tired; I wanted to lie down on my bed for a bit. He conceded, “I want to do some making.” I got him down the collage boxes, paper, glue and scissors, made him a drink and put on something 4 year old boys like, and went upstairs. Ladies and Gentlemen, I actually had a bit of a kip! After an hour, he came to see if I was ready to make the cake yet, got me my slippers and everything. We made the cake, then he (or was it Barry Scott?) helped with the clearing up: “We should use Cilit Bang limescale. It’s so good, it’s the number one cleaner!”

That green planet is “Planet Bugger” according to Jet.

Stella got up and they played for a bit, then we did some drawing. I was trying to write my mum’s birthday cards, Stella was trying to scribble with all of the crayons and tasting them all when I wasn’t looking. Jet was doing some of the activities from his Usborne space book, which mainly involved shouting at me “What are you supposed to do here!” then ignoring my explanation and demanding to know the instructions again a minute later.

Dinner was pasta bake left over from yesterday which hadn’t gone down that well the first time. Stella ate all of the pasta after carefully removing every morsel of hidden vegetable, then squidging them revoltingly through her fingers. Himself didn’t show any interest in it until I had thrown it away, at which point he wanted to eat it (of course.) I served him some more, which he ate all of in about one minute. However, fussing over his pasta had left no time for a bath, so I decided to let him help decorate the cake with chocolate buttons. “I’m not even going to eat one of them.” he said, with unprecedented self control. Then, “Yes I am.” he popped one in his mouth. That’s my boy.

2016-05-03 17.45.33



Finally, the great pyjama debacle that happens every night in households across the land. Tonight it was playing with a car that took precedence. Eventually, they were donned and teeth were brushed. Stories were read and kisses and cuddles were given. The nightly conversation ensued about what a lovely day it had been and how it was a shame to spoil it with arguments about pyjamas, whilst a post-reason Jet gazed into the middle distance and told me facts about Yoda. It had been a busy day.

The sofa and that bottle of Tanqueray beckoned.

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36 thoughts on “A fairly normal Saturday #2

  1. The cake looks amazing! Any blog post with a cake in it is a winner for me! I’m also incredibly impressed that you managed to catch a little nap during the day?? So your little one is 4… So maybe in just another year or so… *crosses all digits*… just maybe? Daytime napping = the holy grail of parenthood!
    Thanks for linking up with #FartGlitter x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am sooooo impressed that you managed to get a nap in!!!!! That is some super duper mummy skills! I had a golden year where both of mine had long afternoon naps at the same time, and I always napped too! It came to an abrupt halt when the eldest decided he was no longer going to partake in a nap, and now I think the youngest is going the same way, and I’m more than a little devastated!! The cake looks fabulous, and the pictures of them ‘helping’ are super cute!
    My children are in on the ‘get up early’ conspiracy with yours!! We’ve just come out the other side of a 4.30am-wake-up-is-more-than-appropriate phase… What a killer!! They’ve pushed it to 6, which is still far too early! I hope you enjoyed your Tanqueray, it was really well deserved!! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

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  3. It can be such a long day with kids can’t it? I remember with my son getting up at 5am every day and by 10am I felt like I had done a whole day of childcare! And yet those early years seem to have passed by in a blur somehow! That cake looks amazing – well done fitting all that in you must be wonder woman 😉 Thanks for sharing your post on #fortheloveofBLOG. Really hope you can join us again next week x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! It’s when you feel like the day has gone on forever and then you look at the clock and it isn’t even 9.30 yet!!! But seriously, it is good to pack in the activities, I find I feel more tired out by doing nothing, somehow! Thanks for hosting and see you again x


  4. Love the look of the cake and Jet’s comment about Cilit Bang and changing his mind about the chocolate button made me laugh. Stella looks adorable in her cape and I had to laugh at what people must think about the chocolate and gin for you and ice chips for the kids. Sounds like it was a very busy day overall – glad you managed to get a bit of rest in the middle! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Super Stella!! What a lovely tale, your fishmonger sounds nice! I particularly giggled at the image of you with your gin and chocolate and the poor bairns with their ice chips! People probably thought you were incredibly sensible. Love the pic of jet reading the magazine..,he looks engrossed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Our fishmongers are lovely! Andrew feeds the children scraps of smoked salmon too if they’re lucky, and Mickey and I pass each other every morning on our ways to work and he gives me a cheery wave. It surprised me how much Jet enjoyed that magazine – he can’t have known who any of the people were! x

      Liked by 1 person

  6. That cake looks yummy! Looks like your little one enjoyed it.
    We love feeding the ducks, it’s so much fun 🙂 Sounds like you hada lovely Saturday. #KCACOL


  7. Cake looks really good! I’ve had a few baking adventures this week with mismatched tins and not enough cream cheese frosting! Our saturdays do not seem as adventurous as yours, except the bit about gin! #kcacols

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The silly thing was, the tin I used was exactly the dimensions it had specified in the recipe, so I don’t know what went wrong there… Also, there can never be enough cream cheese frosting. That’s a fact of life. 🙂 x

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  8. Gosh it doesn’t stop doesn’t it? Sounds like a hugely busy but lovely day. You’re so good filling their day with so much activity. Cake looks fab – dreading when my bubs wants to start baking as I’m rubbish.

    Hope you enjoyed the gin – I’m eyeing the Bombay sapphire up meaningfully for this sunny Sunday 😉 x ##KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ahh what a lovely cake and very nicely decorated too – well done Jet. Very impressed you managed to have a nap – that’s amazing! I also love that Jet instructed you on exactly how to put the washing up! 😉

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope you come back again next week x

    Liked by 1 person

  10. So impressed with your nap and the gorgeous cake too! Looks amazing!! Your writing makes me smile very much, especially the ‘cupateas’ which reminds me of Bing which is constantly on in our house 😉 #KCACOLS


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