My Nearly New Sale Haul

Last weekend I went to a local nearly new sale

You know all those things you bought or were given for the children that you didn’t use/need? Those really cute outfits they grew out of before they’d worn them? The toys you bought them that they never really got into? Your five copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Well, everyone has that stuff.

So, when you buy something second hand, that doesn’t mean old or dirty. Quite often it can mean brand new. I have bought lego sets still in the plastic for a pound or two, because sometimes kids are given duplicate birthday presents. A lot of the clothes I got at the weekend still have tags on, or have been washed but never worn. This is why I love second hand sales. The ones in our local area are awesome – I have bought soooo much from the NCT sales and mum2mum markets in our area since having the children. As a buyer, you can pick up all sorts for a great price. As a seller, you can declutter and make a few quid. And you’re recycling, too. Everyone’s a winner!


Here’s what I bought today:

50p – grey long sleeve T shirt

£15 – purple wool blend coat, white long sleeve t-shirt, pastel bird print trousers, denim high waisted shorts, pink cords, stars t-shirt, bright floral hoodie

£4 –  jeans

£5 –  stripy collared t-shirt, blue and green rugby shirt

£2 – brand new furry slipper boots, pink forest print cord dress

£6 – vintage paper dolly long sleeve dress, floral short sleeve dress


£8 – red long sleeve and stripy pinks organic cotton t-shirts, dark blue short sleeve stars tunic, pale aqua skinny jeans

£5 – James and Percy t-shirts, yellow slim fit t-shirt, white polo shirt, blue and white check shirt, 6 pairs of socks

I love Nearly New Sales because

  • Buying second hand is good for the environment, reusing stuff that might have ended up in landfill
  • When I realise I’ve never put Stella in something and she’s now too big to wear it, I can just shrug it off because it only cost me pennies
  • I can send Jet to playgroup in decent gear, and I don’t mind it getting covered in paint because it was really cheap
  • If the kids really love playing with a toy I have taken a punt on, I can invest in a new one/more of the same knowing that they will get a lot of use out of it
  • You can see how happy the sellers are to be getting shot of all the stuff that’s been taking up space in their loft

IMG_20150924_194404_resizedWe have a pretty high turnover of clothes in our house. Recently, any time any garment Jet is wearing gets a tiny bit wet or dirty, he has started taking it off, putting it in the washing basket and helping himself to fresh clothing out of the drawer. Having a ready supply has therefore become even more crucial! Jet was so chuffed with his new gear he made sure the clothes he was wearing got all wet so he could go and change into one of his new t-shirts. Then he spilt yogurt all down that one so he could try on the next one.


Top tips for sellers

Smile, be friendly and approachable. There are some sellers I remember and look forward to seeing because they are just so nice

Ask shoppers what they are looking for and show them things they might be interested in

Only bring good quality, clean items, and for toys, only sell if complete. The moment I notice one of your items has a stain, damage or a piece missing, I lose interest in looking at your stall

Organisation is key

Sorting your wares by size REALLY helps people browse

Package outfits or sets in clear plastic bags

Put your best bits in prime position, for example clothes that were expensive, coats, party clothes etc on a hanging rail to give people a good chance to see it

Got brand new or unworn items? Consider having a separate section to showcase them

Have a rummage box of your cheaper items – you might want to put this on the floor

Make sure you have some bags and plenty of change



Think about why you’re doing it – if you have some tasty bits and you want to make a few quid then fair enough, pitch your prices as high as you like. You can always take home all your unsold items and stick ’em on eBay. But if you are interested in clearing out your cupboards then make your prices reasonable, do some “buy 3, get a 4th free” signs… It is a lot of work to prepare everything for a sale, so sell it if you can and don’t be afraid to take an offer.

Make your prices clear and uncomplicated – having to ask how much something is might put people off, so label as much as you can

Take some extra stickers, card, pens, etc in case you want to rethink your pricing strategy as the end of the sale approaches

Today, when I asked a seller if she would take an offer, she suggested I take another item for no additional cost. Great for me, and one less thing for her to take home 🙂

Check out the website for details of their next events in your area, where you can also print buy one get one free entry vouchers.

I wasn’t asked to write this post by anyone, I just love these sales and I wanted to tell you about them 🙂


14 thoughts on “My Nearly New Sale Haul

  1. Good haul! & very good point about it being useful for getting clothes you don’t mind the kids ruining, and toys you aren’t sure will be worth it & just want to test out. Love the further evidence of Jet’s genius too! #justanotherlinky

    Liked by 1 person

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