Please don’t go

Look. I know what I said. I know I haven’t always been grateful. I know I don’t always approve. I know I send the occasional indignant tweet, like when Ruff Ruff describes a sphere as a circle (that’s just wrong!). I know I get cranky every time Numberjacks comes on and my three year old freaks out because the baddies are so scary (seriously, you need to give us some warning!). I know I laughed at all those plot ideas people suggested for the new series of Topsy and Tim. (but that show really is twintastically irritating. And sexist. And smug.) I know I sometimes add sugar or salt to Katie’s recipes. And I know I said those things about Mike the Knight (but he is a tit. I don’t take that back.)

But I’m sorry. Please forget I said that. Because most of what you do is so epically marvellous. Some of the presenters are borderline geniuses. Yes, Nina needs some help when it comes to hair and make up, and just watching her overzealous head movements is enough to make me call my osteopath, but the show is clever and engaging. Before I saw The Octonauts, I was barely even aware of the blobfish, and didn’t have a clue that the combtooth blenny was even a thing. Buzz n Tell is so ludicrously bonkers. The pathos of Duggee as he shares a favourite childhood toy with the Squirrels brings a tear to my eye. The Clangers, Sarah and Duck, Big and Small, Dinopaws, Furchester, Twirliwoos… All sublime.

Ok, so you can keep your alpacas. Tree Fu Tom does my nut in. The ‘harmonies’ those birds on the Zingzillas come up with are a crime against music. Even my three year old gets frustrated with some of the pathetic answers given on Kerwhizz (it’s multiple choice, for Ninky’s sake!), and (I know this might not be a popular opinion, but…) Bing needs to grow a pair.

But please don’t go! I promise to buy more merchandising!

If you want to read a serious and seriously good post about why it is crucial that Cbeebies must remain on freeview, please read this one by Alison.


12 thoughts on “Please don’t go

  1. I still can’t believe the BBC could seriously consider taking CBeebies off the air. Don’t they know it’s the only thing that keeps many parents sane?!?!

    BTW completely agree about Topsy and Tim being annoyingly smug. The mother annoys me in particular and I’m never sure exactly why. Perhaps because she’s just always so damn calm and smiley… But, as you say, the irritating elements are only minor quibbles if they are the price we pay for such fine, educational children’s television (although I wish they’d make Bing conjugate his verbs properly. Why does no-one correct him when he says things like “I broked it”?!

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  2. Thank you very much for the link to my post. 🙂 Luckily it looks like CBeebies is going to be safe for the time being, but honestly you’d think they’d know better than to scare parents like that. And on the subject of CBeebies, am I the only person who finds the Furchester Hotel a bit creepy. It’s that song at the end.. and the way the moment you start to leave they all leap out at you, insisting that you can’t. Seriously, there are monsters lurking outside my room, waiting for me to leave? Are they doing this while I’m sleeping? And why are they so insistent that I not leave, anyway? Do they feed their guests to the teatime monsters or something?


  3. Hilarious! But, yes, CBeebies is actually a great channel and kids do seem to love most of the shows. I have a random bugbear no one mentions – what is with the theme music to Peter Rabbit?? The person who wrote that was seriously misled about the excitement level of Beatrix Potter, I feel.

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    1. Yes. I’m pretty confident that there is quite a lot about Peter Rabbit that Beatrix would neither recognise nor support 😀 Most of their problems could be easily avoided if they just planted some of their own radishes. I don’t really blame Mr MacGregor for getting a bit irate, and Mr Tod can hardly be blamed for trying to predate them either – he is a fox, after all…


  4. I completely agree with all of this, the likes and dislikes included! So funny. I would also add that Zingzillas not only have suspect harmonies but the whole concept is creepy and sadistic. What happens if they don’t do what the heads say before the Big Zing? Something nasty i’d bet.

    Also read and loved Alison’s post. X

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    1. Alison wrote a very clever and important post. But I am glad you enjoyed my flippant one, too! 🙂 x
      I dread to think what those threatening rock guys could do if they really put their minds to it…


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