Being Jet’s PA – arranging playdates

It is the end of a long summer, and Jet has obviously grown tired of our efforts to entertain him. He has missed his friends from nursery, and he wants to see them.

Passing me the phone, he has a request.

“I need to see my friend Daphne. You can call her mum so I can go to her house for tea. I haven’t seen her for years” He adds, dramatically.


I have tried to explain that most people wait to be invited, rather than just call ahead to announce their imminent arrival: “I am coming round. I trust you have received my list of requirements from my PA (mummy) and have arranged for there to be something I think I want to eat, although I cannot guarantee that I will actually eat the requested food. I never do at home.”

There is one major drawback with this plan – we don’t have Daphne’s phone number.

Not a problem. Jet has this covered!

“It’s 7,7,1,7,1,1,7.” He suggests, helpfully.

Funnily enough, by some kind of extraordinary coincidence, no matter which of his friends he demands to see, their phone numbers are always made up of sevens and ones.

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11 thoughts on “Being Jet’s PA – arranging playdates

  1. I’m glad the summer has not diminished Jet’s flair for drama! I’m hoping Daphne wants to have a birthday party when it gets to her birthday, as I can only assume that Jet will be attending it whether she’s having one or not! I also think you should start calling the random 1 and 7 numbers – see if anything happens. You never know, all numbers might be made of 1 and 7 in Vanuatu (yes, I watch Pointless!) #ftmob

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    1. I love Pointless, but I haven’t watched it ‘for years’ (aka since Jet learnt to use the remote control) I have managed to convince him that French Collection is ‘our favourite programme’, but he won’t miss Footy Pups for anyone 😉


  2. Ha ha brilliant, Monkey has been ‘bored’ with playing by himself and often requests to ‘go out’ because ‘staying in is boring’ – how do they learn the word boring? 🙂 Hope he enjoys getting back to nursery to see his little friends. #babybrainmondays


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