How to get a good night’s sleep – according to Jet

I have just put the children to bed.

I’ve already mentioned that Jet likes to greet the sandman looking his best, that is to say whilst wearing a sleeping helmet. This unique approach to overnight comfort is his own invention and, would you believe, has not caught on.

2012-03-17 17.41.43_resized

Jet and the ‘Wump – BFFs

2012-08-14 18.22.30_resized
Ah, the ubiquitous ‘Catching some zeds with a non-threatening cloth giraffe nibbling at his shoulder’ pic


You see, back in the old day, Jet wasn’t that fussy. When it came to kip, he didn’t really let a little thing like location bother him. The whereabouts of his head in relation to anything at all was of little concern. How times have changed!2012-06-24 11.43.40_resized

It started off so simple. Mugglewump the monkey was the only cuddly toy that the infant Jet took to bed with him. Gradually, along with cuddly toys, he accumulated personality quirks until that fateful day when he began to feel it necessary to sleep with his head and shoulders entirely enclosed within a blue netting storage basket: the sleeping helmet.

There is a strict admittance policy governing this inner sanctum, the rules of which, dictated by Jet, can change on a daily, if not hourly basis. If he had a Facebook account, his relationship status would certainly read ‘It’s complicated.’

At the outset, Jet liked to don the headgear accompanied by Mugglewump and Dodd, his faithful eventide simian companions. One by one, other stuffed sidekicks were admitted into the hallowed netting. As time went by, a subsidiary group was formed alongside his pillow, whilst another particularly cumbersome canine member of Jet’s bedtime elite began to occupy the space at the foot end.


“He’s fluffy. He’s a puppy. He’s fluffy pup!” If he had a jingle, these would be the words.

IMG_20150910_203021_resized (1)

(left to right) PG, Buzz and Doggins – the sleeping helmet’s trio of doormen loom menacingly from the periphery

Now tonight’s reserve forces find themselves bunking down on his beanbag for the night, but fear not! They are also tucked in carefully with their own blanket.


Kermit and Spiderman languish on the beanbag, bemoaning the total ordinariness of their names.

Some of the newcomers are my old muckers – PG – a particularly menacing gorilla, the descriptively titled Fluffy Pup, and the winner of 1986’s “Most Unfortunately Named Stuffed Animal’ Plop the barn owl have become firm favourites of late.


Here we have ‘The Owl Family’. Like ‘The Partridge Family’ but with more dads, they are not, I suspect, actually related. I don’t think they are even the same species of stuffed owl. Jet’s depth of feeling for these guys has extended to him creating their portrait. Unfortunately, they have a new addition to their parliament since this masterpiece was completed, rendering it sadly obsolete.

There is definitely a hierarchy of who goes where, albeit a flexible one. Barring a pair of non-negotiables, the stalwarts Mugglewump and Dodd, each evening Jet rigorously selects who will be granted sanctuary. Sensitive to their emotional needs and nothing if not fair, he is careful to bestow this special treatment upon as many of his toys as possible, rotating those relegated to the bean bag regularly. Having been given the nod, the chosen ones are bundled into their overnight abode.


Jet makes his choice for tonight

Is it me, or does Kevin have a certain smugness in this photo?


The finished effect – comfort itself. And not at all claustrophobic.

Having taken care to ensure everyone is in the right place, Jet can finally rest his weary head in the protective enclosure and get on with the business of sleeping like a log. So, next time you’re having trouble dropping off, make sure you have up to twelve soft toys in bed with you and press your face up against some polyester. Blue, if possible 😉

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23 thoughts on “How to get a good night’s sleep – according to Jet

  1. That would be my worst nightmare. I can’t even sleep in a sleeping bag because it’s too claustrophobic (and there was one nightmare camping incident involving a sleeping bag and a giant arachnid. I am a notorious fidget and a duvet stealer. Although my husband would probably like me to give Jet’s contraption a go! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    Liked by 1 person

  2. At first I thought you were being a terrible tease with this post but now I’m thinking, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it #babybrainmonday


  3. I just can’t get over the sleeping helmet. I think it is the best thing anyone has told me about their toddler ever. And Jet’s commitment to sharing it is impressive! We, of course, have strange ins and outs of toys. One night after my MIL had put him to bed I went in later and found a HUGE old metal toy fire engine by his head. My son had a breakdown when i tried to take it out. The owls are amazing xx

    Liked by 1 person

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