Pinterest fails #2

Welcome back to my series on Pinterest fails, where you can laugh with me, but never at me as I attempt things that look like a good idea.

In this instances, I have to be honest – I didn’t see this on Pinterest, although I am fairly certain it would be on there. Neither is this, strictly speaking, a complete fail. If I only had one child, it would have been, but luckily Stella came to the rescue! In addition, the failure of this is partly self-induced. But my blog, my rules, okay?!

A few weeks ago, it was summer for a bit. I mean, I took it for granted. After all, we still had most of July and AUGUST to come, for goodness sake, so I don’t think I can be blamed for this flippancy, although you could argue that given British weather’s track record I should have known better. And you’d be right.20150527_132921_resized

To be fair, we did do lots of nice summer stuff, like playing outside in the paddling pool, burning stuff on the barbecue, and eating ice lollies. My two have been enjoying a range of frozen goodness – we’ve got some lolly moulds and I’ve been putting different juices (watered down considerably, to reduce the sugar a bit) as well as fruit and yoghurt into them, taking it out again and serving it to the nippers with alarming regularity. They can’t get enough ice lollies.

So, when I saw a recipe for lollies that included vegetables, I did a double take. What sorcery is this that gets children to eat green stuff? I thought. Always looking for new ways to get Jet to eat his veg, I thought I must try this (Jet will tolerate broccoli, under certain conditions. These are that it must not be too hard or too soft or too hot or too cold. It must be served as a starter to the main meal, as opposed to an accompaniment. If all of these conditions are met, he will eat it, but this does not really apply to any other vegetable. Peas? Too fiddly. He does actually like the flavour, but he’s a busy man with shit to do and there simply isn’t time for infinitesimally small foods. Rice and cous cous fall into this category also. But I digress…)

I can’t remember where I saw this (twitter probably, as I’m a bit of a fiend for it these days- follow me @aliwal), but the wondrous idea was to puree avocado with pears. This sounds delicious. I’d rather have a Magnum, obviously, but one does one’s best. So I got the bits together and blended. I remember having a little convo with the original poster about how kids are suckers when it comes to lollies – they would eat pretty much anything if you froze it, gullible fools!20150714_124747_resized

For those who would like to recreate my version of these healthier lollies, here’s what I did:

2 ripe pears

1 1/2 avocados (well, there’s almost always a manky, inedible bit, isn’t there? Just me?)

100g spinach (this was my own addition)

Splash of Copella apple and pear juice

Scoop out avocado flesh, chop pear, put the stick blender to it all, adding spinach once you already have a puree, so as to help blend it in. Add a splash of apple juice for a little bit of sweetness (pears were not in season when I made these – if they had been I probably wouldn’t have felt the need, but it was difficult to find any pears, let alone delicious ones).

I was left with an alarmingly green mixture. This, I thought to myself, is going to be a hard sell. (My fault – the spinach!) There was also tonnes of it. Dipping a finger in for a taste, ever the optimist, I came to the conclusion that if they wouldn’t eat it then I would. I decided that I would exploit the greenness, branding them as alien rocket lollies. This was going to be fine!

The Verdict:

As predicted, Jet had made his decision the moment he saw what colour they were. His frame of reference, which is that anything that green can’t be good, meant we were always onto a loser. Although I managed to convince him to try one, a quick lick could not change his mind. They were, he declared, horrible.

Stella, on the other hand, yummed hers. The only problem she faced was a bit of brain freeze, but she kept eating it through the tears, so I think we can declare that a win! Whilst they do have a lovely creamy consistency, you definitely get an iron-y backnote. They work fine for children who haven’t developed a green aversion yet, so I am leaving it up to her to finish the rest of them, whilst Jet is eating something else.

Further research is needed – I do think this is a good idea, I just need to find the right combination. A nice, quiet, non verdant vegetable, full of goodness but not in a shouty way, would be perfect… Suggestions are gratefully received!


And then the fun began...
Best of Worst
A Cornish Mum


55 thoughts on “Pinterest fails #2

  1. I honestly have no idea what vegetables to add – these kids are too clever and will just outsmart you in finding the hidden veg. My friend though, swears by adding a banana to ANYTHING and it tastes delicious, by anything, I mean a smoothie – so just stick a ‘narna in…maybe some kale or starfruit,or some other fancy Waitrose type food?!
    Oh actually I do have a suggestion – yoghurt. Just stick yoghurt and cabbage, yoghurt and fish eyes….yoghurt is kids crack, that will go down with anything #twinklytuesday

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    1. How right you are – and star fruit should be renamed. Yes, they look like stars, but they do not taste good. The starfruit moniker is making people think ‘delicious’, when ‘slightly bitter’ would be more accurate… Like rocket, which sounds exciting to kids but isn’t really their cup of tea at all!
      Yogurt, however weirdly named, is certainly moreish 😀


  2. Two things – firslty, there is absolutely no way I could get a home made green ice lolly past either of my sons. In fact I once made a sort of creamy peach ice lolly which I thought was really nice and they wouldn’t touch it. I guess I’ll have to stick to frozen Frubes! Secondly, I really like the concept of your ‘Pinterest fails’ series. I have a board on Pinterest called ‘Projects to Try’ which I probably started about two years ago. Although I’ve done a couple of the Mason Jar projects at Christmas I really haven’t done anything else until today. This post inspired me to go in with an ‘it’s OK to fail’ attitude and I created my first piece of button art earlier (a ‘J’ for my eldest son) and even framed it! So thank you for the inspiration to try! And thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Xx

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  3. I have no suggestions. My son turned down my delightful homemade fruit lollies so will definitely turn down these. He also weirdly will eat only brocolli in its pure form…no other green vegetable (although cooked in stuff is fine). Brocolli only served as an accompaniment to scrambled egg.
    Wow this comment has turned into the most boring comment ever so I’ll sign off. Great post, very funny. Glad Stella ate them. Oh and I like the rocket marketing. But you underestimated your Jet’s shrewd business brain, he saw right through it.

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  4. Love the selling of them by naming “alien rocket lollies.” 😀 Genius! This is exactly the sort of thing that I do with my two fussy sorts, although I’m lucky in the fact they both adore broccoli. With me it’s stuff like parsnip, onions, mushrooms spinach etc I have to get inventive with. I’ve become a whizz at Bolognese sauce that manages to hide all manner of vegetables in it after a blender whizz, under the guise of the normal tomato stuff. Mwahahahaha they’re none the wiser and they love it. 🙂

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  5. What about food colouring? I am not sure if you are a fan of using it? Dye them black or something. They would look super weird, but I am sure Jett would fall in love with them?


    1. Bam. Genius! (I tried to get Jet to eat asparagus by telling him it made him have magical wee. This would work with beetroot too. Disgusting? Yes. Sorry. As you were…)
      Thanks for hosting 🙂


  6. I saw the avocado and pear ones too an thought I may give it a shot.. I love the alien idea 🙂 how about carrot and melon or something…? Im not great with flavours so you will probably get better suggestions!! lol #TwinklyTuesday

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    1. 🙂 Carrot could work – non green and pretty sweet too. There have been some quality suggestions – I will try some out, but in small batches. I’m not sure how many root vegetable-based, frozen ‘treats’ the kids won’t eat I can stomach, and I can’t bear waste! I’ll keep you posted… x

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    1. I think that’s it! Like I said, it is a great idea, my little fella is just too wise to my attempts to clothe vegetables in various guises. And Stella loved them, so a win there. 🙂


  7. This made me laugh!! I definitely agree a magnum sounds better, but I have a plan…..once you’ve got a flavour combo both the kids like you can have ALL the magnums and they can eat frozen veg mwahahha it’s genius if I do say so myself!!!
    Good try with the alien rocket lollies!!! Love that Stella kept eating despite brain freeze tears, that’s dedication!!!

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  8. Ooh veggie ice lollies what a good idea.My eldest adored veggies and will eat them before anything on his plate. My daughter I have to resort to hiding them. I think I shall have to try this! Maybe not with spinach though 🙂

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  9. Ah bless Stella! Toddler will actually eat anything & loves fruit & veg, so we were lucky there. After a few months of not liking anything to eat at all, Baby is improving now. I always mean to make ice lollies. But then I, well, don’t! I have to admit I am kind of with Jet on not having time for peas – I do think they take the piss a bit!
    (PS, I got really overexcited with links, and actually clicked the link to follow you on twitter before I realised that I DO follow you on twitter. Can I be in your next fails post?? Just failing. At life!) x (#PicknMix)

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    1. Hahaha, I’ll add it to the list of our collective twitter fails… Hoo ha. That is all.
      Stella certainly did her refusing to eat routine for a few months, but she’s eating like a goodun now. I wouldn’t have believed it a few months ago… Have faith, silly one! x


  10. Can you use Ella’s Kitchen for inspiration – their pouches often have fruit and veggies so you could say it’s a strawberry and banana lolly, but there is actually some random veggies in there too!


    1. Good call – my daughter loves them – for a while it was the only thing she would eat. Consequently I have a few of them in the cupboard. Sometimes I would think ‘she’ll never go for swede, not matter how many apples you put in,’ but she always did! He is a different matter, though…


  11. Haha, I very much like your pinterest fails, although this seems pretty good? You got a 50% hit rate so it’s now all bad 😀 Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst I look forward to reading some more pinterest fails 🙂 x

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    1. Thanks Helen, yes I did cheat a bit on this one, although for the first time Stella flatly refused to eat one of the green lollies last night, so we could be back on track for a 100% fail yet!
      Thanks for hosting 🙂


  12. Trying things from Pinterest is an exercise in how-to-make-myself-feel-inadequate-as-quickly-as-possible at best and a recipe for disaster at worst… 😛 Me, I try to steer clear of anything more complex than a pasta or a simple dessert!

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