Out of the mouth of one crazy babe – yet more amusingness

It’s time to share with you some of Jet’s latest crazy wisdom.photo 1 (1)

Recently, Jet has become really interested in time, more specifically the duration of things. He is keen to express this, which has resulted in a range of incredibly specific phrases, often revolving around the number twenty.

When asked to clear his toys off the dinner table so we could eat breakfast: “I can do that at twenty past seven.

It was time to put his shoes on to go out: “This will take twenty seconds.

After being told to get out of the bath: “I want to stay in for twenty more minutes.

At other times he is content to be more vague: “I will do that eventually.”

Like many three year olds, he is capable of getting dressed by himself, although we do not share the same sense of urgency about this and he often requires considerable chivvying. I’d left his clothes at the bottom of the stairs for him to put on whilst I brushed my teeth, but when I came back down he hadn’t made a start yet.

Me: (with thinly-veiled impatience) Have you got your clothes on?

Jet: (unconcerned) No. But I’ve got this monkey! 20150726_071824_resized

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this (much) but Jet gets up quite early. Usually he is a bit stuck for entertainments, as Cbeebies hasn’t started yet, but he has found an unexpected pleasure in watching House Doctor (channel five sticks this on before Milkshake most mornings). At first he didn’t enjoy it.

Me: (bleary eyed at quarter past five) Alright, chief. What you watching?

Jet: House Doctor. It’s really boring.

But now there has been a sea change. He seems to be genuinely impressed with the prowess of the painters and decorators.

Jet: (with admiration) Wow! Those guys made it nice and good! They got rid of all the mould!


Of late he has started singing along with a lot more songs. Sometimes he freestyles, adding in some of his own lyrics, usually scatological. His renditions of most things see him replacing most of the key words with ‘poo’. But at other times, he just mishears things – we’ve all been there. I guess this is what happened when I overheard him singing “It’s all about that face, no trouble” to himself. 😀


Jet dancing, in the way that only Jet can

After the success of ‘platamus’, he’s invented another word. I’m not clear of the derivation, but ‘conocklophating’ means you need to poo. It’s not really caught on though. Not very catchy!


He has been naming things again! We were walking past a large block of flats and Jet wanted to know whose house it was. I explained that a lot of people lived there. He seemed to expect me to know all their names. As I didn’t (what a failure!), I asked who he thought might live there.

Jet: (creatively) Ahaka, Loka, Moka and don’t forget the baby Boktak.

Now, every time I go past I can’t help but imagine a family of Klingons living there, with their exotic, guttural names.

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14 thoughts on “Out of the mouth of one crazy babe – yet more amusingness

  1. Oh no, I think baby Boktak is conocklophating! It’s okay, though, as I expect that Jet will change him eventually (or in twenty seconds)! I am going to stsrt saying ‘no, but I’ve got this monkey’ every time I haven’t done something from now on!

    Jet is on great form, as usual! x #ftmob

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another early riser, aren’t they just great?

    The advantage of having satellite TV is that they play all of the ‘Old Skool’ programmes like ‘Hong Kong Phooey’ ‘Whacky Races’ ‘The Flinstones’ and ‘Top Cat’.

    It kinda brings back my childhood memories whilst trying to convince them to nap on the sofa until a more sensible time of the day.

    Thanks for sharing #ftmob

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love Jet’s words of wisdom! Good to know he approves of the décor on house doctor 🙂 From now on I’m going to carry around a small stuffed monkey and any time my boss at work asks if I have done something I’ve not got around to, I’m going to pull it out and say no but I’ve got this monkey. Do you think that’ll work haha!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes


  4. Ugh, pre-CBeebies waking up is definitely too early! Glad House Doctor helps keep him amused and had to chuckle at Jet’s admiration for them removing all the mould! Love the Klingon family living in the flats and “all about the face” lyrics – so funny when they mishear song lyrics. I can see why “conocklophating” hasn’t quite caught on – what a mouthful! Thanks for sharing with #ftmob 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh the divvering! This little man knows his priorities, you will be able to get him back one day when he is desperate for you to take him to his mates house, but wait, you have gotten yourself distracted by your pillow ZZzzzz.


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