Pinterest fails #1

I have mentioned before my aching desire for my boy to sleep in beyond 4.30 am. In order to achieve this, we do our level best to exhaust the little tyke every day in the hope that he will need more hours’ kip. But where that fails, and it almost always does, I like to leave him a little selection of activities set up so he can play independently when he comes down, leaving us to languish in bed until 6 if we’re very lucky. (This doesn’t happen. Ever. Sometimes he leaves us for up to 20 minutes, but anything beyond that would be a bloody miracle!)

I am always on the look out for a new activity that will pique his interest and doesn’t involve anything potentially hazardous for either the boy or the soft furnishings (I don’t want to sleep that much). So, when I saw this little gem of an idea, I skipped off to amazon for some velcro dots and lolly pop sticks, as quick as you can say ‘buy now’!

velcro lolly sticksI love this little idea – I was going to put velcro on both sides to add versatility, and make it less prescribed than what is shown in the pic. Being a bit of a cheapskate, I was really taken with how cheap it was to get what I needed – the velcro I bought was ยฃ2.49. (I know this is pretty cheap, but it was the same one as they had used in a tutorial I saw online) Lolly sticks? ยฃ1.47 for 100 of the colourful dudes. When they arrived, Jet and I got busy sticking the velcro on and he seemed really intoย the whole thing.

He couldn’t wait to start sticking them together to make shapes ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Great!ย I thought. This bodes well. I cuddled myself inwardly, thinking longingly of all the sleep I was going to win back as a result of this genius come morning time (20 minutes, approximately) and gave pinterest a cyber high five.

What actually happened:

The title of this post may have already given away the fact that the outcome was not quite what I had dreamed of.

You know how velcro is amazingly hold-your-body-weight strong? Well, guess what? faced with the force required to pull the sticks apart, the furry velcro’s love for his hooky brother won over against the so-called might of the self adhesive. In other words, the dot preferred to stick to the opposite dot than the stick it had been stuck to. Having happily built a few crazy shapes with the lolly sticks of joy, Jet realised that whenever he tried to take them apart and make something new, the sticky dots came unstuck from the sticks. Here’s the result:20150718_195954_resized

Bless his heart, so taken with them was Jet, that he just carried out some quick repairs and soldiered on. It might not have actually worked, but he made it work for him, resourceful little man ๐Ÿ˜€

Now, I thought this one was pretty much a no-brainer, but clearly not. If anyone can clear up for me what I actually did wrong, I would appreciate it!

Or maybe the original poster is having the same problem, but has chosen not to document that particular part?

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34 thoughts on “Pinterest fails #1

  1. Superglue? Or is that a health and safety no no with children!? Oops probably. Well I’m glad he made it work for him though. Love that you didn’t have to colour in the sticks yourself. I’m sold.
    I also like the idea suggested from your title that you are anticipating more disappointments courtesy of Pinterest! x

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  2. Aaarrrgghhh!!!! I am so frustrated for you!!! I hate sticky things that don’t stick properly, or do what they are told. Even worse is, when they decide to stick to human skin (fingers etc), and not the surface you stuck them to. Craft glue should work maybe? xo

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  3. Oh know bless you!! I’m not sure how old your little one is but my friend had a similar problem with early starts and bought her daughter a clock that shows a sun and a moon she set it so that at 6.00 the sun would light up and the rule is that she can’t get up until the sun comes on. For the first week she would still try to wake them up but mum would just ask “is the sun on?” “right ok back to bed then” This might not work if he’s not old enough but thought I would mention it as an idea just in case. best of luck with getting more sleep! #sundaystars

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    1. Thank you! I wish this would work for us, but I’m afraid not. He can tell what time it is on his digital clock, and he knows he’s not supposed to disturb us before it starts with a six, but he can’t help himself. It must be because we are just such good company! (Although, at a time that starts with 4 or 5 I really am not!!!) I’m sure he’ll grow out of it one day…


  4. I’ve done this activity and tried using the sticky dots too it didn’t work so I peeled the supposedly sticky dots off and we’ve used the sticks without dots successfully #pinterestfail

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    1. Yes, it is a great activity, as he has proved by his insistence on doing it anyway, even thought the dots keep coming off. Testing is required – I need to get some more pva and have a bash. Tasting, however, is not to be recommended, although the baby seems to find the velcro dots irresistible! :/


  5. Sorry I shouldn’t laugh but if it is any consolilation the same thing happened to us! I had made it as a busy bag and within a few minutes Monkey has discarded with a look of disgust! lol. So much for a quiet mealtime. We also brought ours from amazon!! Let me know how you get on with pva as I may revisit!! #babybrainmonday

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  6. Eventually, through constant chewing and pulling apart, the loopy velcro will come to hate the sticky velcro…and the glue will magically start sticking. Of course by then you’ll have a teenager whom you can’t wake up before 14:00. Not that I’ve had experience, but I’ve been told.

    Is it cheating to say that I saw this on both #bestandworst and #SundayStars? If it is, I don’t want to be right. Good luck on getting a wee bit more sleep!


  7. oh fiddle sticks (literally)!! What a shame. It looked like such a good idea and I hate it when things don’t work out. 4.30am is a KILLER! We have had a few of those. At least you get lots done in the morning I guess! Thanks so much for linking up to #bestandworst and see you soon xxx

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  8. Looks like a fab idea, shame the velcro didn’t stand up to the job! I’m glad he still managed to get some playtime out of them though ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for linking up with #Sundaystars

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