Out of the mouth of one crazy babe – More of Jet’s amusing musings

I haven’t had the best of days with Jet today – I should have been more suspicious as to why he was so quiet upstairs for so long, but when he finally came down, I kicked myself for my lack of curiosity.

Jet: (Urgently, wearing nothing more than a rather wet t-shirt) I need your help.

Me: (startled) Okay. What’s happened?

Jet: There’s a plug emergency. And it’s a bad one, I’m afraid.

This did not bode well. Upon arrival in the bathroom, I am greeted by what can be most accurately described as an ocean. Jet promptly slips over, landing in the vast puddle. I laugh to myself at his ‘plug emergency’ comments as I help him wipe up the floor, but didn’t find it so funny when I opened the drawers under the sink to discover that the majority of Stella’s clothes were soaked and I had to spend most of the next forty minutes clearing up the aftermath.

He was right, it was quite a bad one.

Cursing my naive enjoyment of the peaceful half hour that resulted in this carnage, I thought now would be a good time to reflect on some of things he has said lately that have made me laugh instead of scream.

photo 3

Jet has just got a Woody (The Toy Story one). He has become, overnight, Jet’s bff. Poor old Kevin barely gets a look-in these days…

Chris: (to me) Has Woody usurped Kevin?

Jet: Who?

Stella is a legendary climber, preferring to be at least a couple of feet above sea level at all times. The other day Jet overheard me refer to her as a mountain goat. So now he calls her Goat Climber 😀


At bedtime/tidy up time/time to leave or some other hour of doom, when told anything he doesn’t want to hear, he has begun to respond by saying:

Jet: (witheringly) Can you not say that please?

The other day, he must have been particularly irked by something I said, as he added to this chastisement:

Jet: (rolling his eyes) Can you not say that please? You awkward thing.

photo 2

Recently, he has discovered the joy of talking into hollow containers and getting a bit of amplification for his wisdoms. The other day he picked up an empty aquadoodle pen and made the following public service broadcast:

Jet: (into pen) Attention all. There is no water or lid on this pen. Please get some water and a lid. Thank you.

(taking the pen away from his mouth) That was my (racking brain for correct word) fikamo.

Me: Do you mean announcement?

Jet: (Nodding, with the air of one who had that exact idea on the tip of his tongue) Announcement, yes. Announcement, I mean.

He has gone on to become a prolific announcer whenever he discovers a hollow object, providing vital front line information such as, “This is a shell” and “Can I have a cup of tea?

photo 1

I don’t know what it says about the company he’s keeping, but lately he’s been coming out with some really old fashioned phrases, which sound very sweet and incongruous coming from a three year old boy. For example, when he’s finished doing up his shoes, he jumps to his feet and says, “Righty-ho!” A few days ago Jet was upstairs when I heard our bedroom door slam. The handle is incredibly stiff to turn, so I went upstairs to check on him. He was frantically pumping the handle but couldn’t get out and when I opened the door for him he was in floods of tears. As I cuddled him, he explained, “I tried to open it myself, but it didn’t do the trick.”

Nearing the end of a long walk home, I selflessly amuse the children by singing them a lovely song about jungle animals, complete with sound effects.

Jet: Please can you stop singing now, darling.

My shoulders droop a little as I realise again how much he puts up with me nearly as much as I do him. 😉

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34 thoughts on “Out of the mouth of one crazy babe – More of Jet’s amusing musings

  1. Oh gosh this made me chuckle so much! He sounds like such a character! I can’t wait till Arjun is talking – I know things will get a whole lot more interesting! Thanks for linking up to #babybrainmonday x


  2. So sweet! A lot of these remind me of Tyger. He, too, says ‘darling’ and just this morning was shouting into a bucket to get the amplification effect. This age is a blessing and a curse, I think! So many funny and cute conversations every day but also many ‘quite bad’ situations! A lovely read.



  3. Brilliant post – what a little character Jet is. I love the public service broadcast, announcing his request for water and a lid on the aquadoodle pen as if he was announcing it over the tannoy at the supermarket. The plug emergency definitely sounds like a good way of describing it and hope you managed to deal with the carnage fairly quickly. My eldest tells me to stop singing too but doesn’t usually tack darling on to the end – definitely sweetens the request somewhat! Thanks for sharing with #ftmob 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah I love that he calls you darling! My boy has just started the voice in a canister thing. He took me by surprise one day…we were at MIL and all grown ups were talking while he was playing with a vase and some corks (obviously) then suddenly I was sure I could hear a radio on but it was him, mostly saying ‘nice drink milk’ into the vase. No amplification with a vase. It was like Rob Bryden’s man in a box voice. He needs to take a leaf out of your Jet’s book and start making proper public service fikamos. That would do the trick. Lovely read x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They probably should change the word ‘announcement’ to ‘fikamo’ on a more official basis. Just imagine if all the amplified little people made their fikamos all at once! They’d have to get their heads together and come up with a new word for cacophony…

      Liked by 1 person

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