I tell you what grinds my gears

Why do some pull doors have handles?

When I arrive at the station in the morning, I am barely mentally coherent.  Presented with a door that has handles, it is my natural reaction to pull. Even though I know it was a push door yesterday and every day preceding that, it is all I can do not to pull it, then act surprised when I meet with resistance.

It is like TfL are personally fucking with me.

Why do we need doors anyway, to go and wait on an overground train platform that is OUTSIDE?


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12 thoughts on “I tell you what grinds my gears

  1. I do this a lot, and every time I say under my breath “Stupid tw*t, you know this is a push door!”

    I absolutely blame the people responsible for putting it there though. Obviously they had a surplus of handles to get rid of or something.

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  2. I have issues with electric sliding doors. I get there an they don’t open, or they are SOOOO SLOW I have to try and sqeeze in sideways or they try and slam shut on me half way through. Lets have no doors! #effitfriday
    BTW – TFL Fuck with everyone!


  3. Oh dear.
    I found a ‘push’ door the other day with a proper official ‘pull’ sign on it. That would have really annoyed you!
    When I say ‘found’ by the way, I don’t go around looking for such things.


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