A fairly normal Saturday

5.30pm… Chris got up with the kids, so I lay in bed for a bit, bracing myself for the day. I showered and dressed whilst they all had breakfast.

7am… I bribed Jet with ‘gummy bears’ (he thinks his multivitamins are a delicious treat – a fact I use to my advantage) to get himself dressed, which he managed to do all by himself whilst I put Stella’s clothes on. I managed to fill the paddling pool so the water could warm up a bit before the kids would go in it later, a small act of unusual preparedness which made me feel like I was winning at life. Chris left for work before 7.30.

8 am… We walked to Enfield without too much trouble, although Jet did want to hold my hand to walk on a variety of walls, which was tricky given the pushchair and shopping trolley.

8.30pm… We went to the fishmongers where Stella was cooed over by one fellow customer, whilst Jet impressed another by eating an alarming quantity of ice from the shellfish display :/ But in his defence it was really hot today, and at least it took his mind off running away.


9am… At the market Jet helped me get the fruit and veg, in between attempting to climb the gazebo and eating a bunch of spring onions. Stella was a bit fed up that we’d had to stop and was whinging. Jet was explaining that she was being a ‘grumpalumps’ to anyone who would listen, as well as a few people who wouldn’t.


Pinterest Parenting: Jet’s carwash – a sponge, washing up brush, watered down handwash in an old bottle, water spray and cars.

10am… When we got home, Stella was ready for a nap and I got Jet all set up for a car wash in the paddling pool whilst I put away the shopping. I went out and joined him, managing to get a bit of sewing done whilst he lathered up a monster truck or two. We enjoyed each other’s company, except I didn’t like it when he said ‘poo poo bubbles’ over and over again and he didn’t like it when I kept asking him not to. I will leave you to imagine the images this delightful phrase conjures up for me.



20150627_132313_resized (1)

Look! No hands!20150627_131114_resized Red plastic box of joy

12pm… At Jet’s suggestion we had lunch in the garden. This picturesque scene was completed by Stella doing a poo, which gave her a chance to exercise her newly acquired skill of speech – poo being her first word (When Stella says it, cute. When Jet cays it, not so much. I’m confused for him!). Then the kids went back in the paddling pool, Stella fully clothed. She practised her mowgli walk and her standing up, got in and out of a red plastic box repeatedly and went down the slide a few hundred times. She attempted to ingest the contents of the sand and water table, whilst Jet emptied what remained of it all over the grass. I will add that there would be more photos of Jet here, if it weren’t for him apparently being a strict nudist.

20150627_132034_resized20150627_132018_resized 20150627_132754_resizedSlides are what life is all about, right?

2.30pm… I thought everyone had eaten enough sand and we should probably come inside. In fact, you know that bit of the day when you’re supposed to avoid the sun? We were out for all of that bit. And you know the bit where you are supposed to go out, once it has cooled down? That was when we went in and watched Toy Story 2.

6pm… For dinner the three of us had spaghetti and meatballs with hidden vegetables. I love it when we can have dinners that everyone can eat. I added some rocket to mine.

Jet: “What’s that? Can I have some?”

Me: “Sure,” serving him a few leaves.

Jet: (recognising it as it touched his bowl) “I don’t want any of that. It’s not my favourite.”

This has to be one of the most glamorous and alluring of food names for a three year old boy. Jet always falls for its come-to-bed name, but when he actually sees it on his plate it’s a different story. I would love to know what he imagines when he hears the word rocket, but in real life it never fails to disappoint. Having said that, he did eat some courgette, carrot and tomatoes without realising 😀

Stella ate hers without too much trouble but Jet managed to make a lot more mess by tipping his head back to dangle spaghetti into his mouth. In the end I had to cut his up into tiny pieces so it could be scooped into his mouth without further insult to the carpet. Followed by jelly and frozen yoghurt bites, this really was the messiest meal plan I could have possibly conceived. The whole dinner was eaten to the soundtrack of Jet saying ‘poo poo bubbles’ repeatedly, which was nice.

6.45pm… Bath time involved further gummy bear-related negotiations, then all that remained was to don the sleeping helmet.

Now, I am going to drink wine and write this blog, because that’s how I roll.

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26 thoughts on “A fairly normal Saturday

  1. sounds good, I almost felt I was there. Just got home from dinner with Ann and Bob. Are you out tomorrow morning or could I come round for an hour or so? love Mum xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I never considered how cruel rocket is being to small children! The Toddler likes to describe The Baby’s mood (usually grumpy) to strangers too. I think I would like to play in the red plastic box of joy, but I am concerned that I would not be able to follow the complex rules about who is allowed to say ‘poo’ (best first word ever, btw)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have chronic constipation to thank for that… poo has become big news in our house – the first thing either of us asks when we walk in the door is, “Has Stella done a poo?” I’m fairly sure this is where it comes from 😉


  3. Impressive you squeeze all that in to a Saturday! Note to self – get up earlier!! Love the photos – so cute. I have come across the rocket issue several times myself – always makes me smile! Thanks for sharing #LetKIdsBeKids

    Liked by 1 person

    1. By getting up at 5.30, Jet has given us the opportunity to fit so much in. Sometimes, we’ve baked, be’ve played, we’ve crafted, we’ve been to the shops and back, and it’s only lunchtime. Life is pretty exhausting, but we get stuff done. 🙂


  4. I don’t know how it happened but Emma suddenly pointed to her nappy and said ‘poopoo’. Maybe it’s one of those universal worlds that all children love saying! Sounds like a busy day! #ToddlerApprovedTuesday


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