Out of the mouth of one crazy babe – More amusing musings

Since my last post about some of Jet’s funny outpourings, I have been on the lookout for more. Here are some of them for your delectation.


Regular readers may recognise “Stella face” in its upright position.

Jet walked into the bathroom whilst I was getting ready. Taking a good look at my ample bosom as he relieved himself, he clearly saw something that impressed him.

Jet: (pointing at my chest): Wow! You’ve got really big muscles here. Can I squeeze them?

Cornflakes are flakes of corn. Bran flakes are brown. Therefore, they are “brownflakes“. Obviously.


Breaking news – Daddy likes butter

Chris had been doing some work on our decrepit laptop when it crapped out before he had a chance to save his document. Whilst he fought the urge to finally throw it against the wall, quick as a flash, Jet rushed off to his Black and Decker workmate.

Jet: Don’t worry, I’ll get my tools. (handing him a small plastic hammer) You can use this one if you like.

Whether this was to fixย it with or to smash it up remains unknown.


Recently, he has started saying “platamus” all the time. Sometimes this is as part of a phrase, for example, “Oh, you platamus!”. At other times it is just an exclamation all on its own. This works for me, after all ‘platamus’ speaks for itself, doesn’t it? :/ .

Me: Do you mean platypus?

Jet: (shaking his head pityingly) No, Darling. (Slowly, with emphasis, as if talking to an idiot) Plat-A-Mus!

I pick Jet up from nursery, and try to instigate a discussion about what he has been up to (as if I need to ask. He is head to toe in paint, so painting has obviously been a large part of his morning)

Me: What have you been up to today at nursery?

Jet: (surreptitiously) I can’t tell you. It’s a secret.


Again, you may already be familiar with “Will face”

Jet bursts into the front room, surveys the scene and announces, “What on Earth are you doing?” I look up from my sewing expecting to see something bizarre, shocking, or at least interesting going on. What I actually see is the cat asleep on the back of the sofa, Stella wombling about the place and Chris sitting downย drinking a cup of tea. A vision of complete normality.

So, if anyone can enlighten me as to what a platamus is, please do!

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23 thoughts on “Out of the mouth of one crazy babe – More amusing musings

  1. I love the logic of ‘brownflakes’! Toddlers are so brilliantly over-dramatic at all times: ‘What on earth are you doing??’ An unholy alliance between a platypus & a hippopotamus? That is my best guess. The love that dare not speak its name!


  2. I love platamus and the “no darling” when you were trying to decipher it! Brownflakes sounds very logical to me and I’m sure that taking a hammer to a laptop could be quite satisfying sometimes (although not so useful for fixing it!). Jet’s comment about your big muscles made me really chuckle – love it! Thank you for sharing with #ftmob ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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