Recipe – Dairy and non dairy frozen ‘yoghurt’ bites

Stella is lactose intolerant. Whilst she can have a little bit of dairy here and there, she’d run into trouble if she ate a substantial amount of lactose.

I wanted to make her some dairy-free ice creams to enjoy in the warmer weather, having done so in previous years for Jet who has no food intolerances. So here’s my recipe for fruity frozen yoghurt bites – made with greek yoghurt for Jet and coconut yoghurt for Stella.


Jet’s frozen yoghurt bites


Mixed berries

Greek style natural yoghurt


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Stella’s frozen yoghurt bites


Mixed berries

Coyo coconut yoghurt

Mango Ella’s kitchen


  1. Put the washed berries into a large bowl. Apply one three year old bearing a potato masher until berries resemble a sort of lumpy soup. Remove stubborn blueberries from holes in potato masher.
  2. Divide mixture into two, leaving half in the large bowl it is already in (bowl A), and sharing the other half between two smaller bowls (B and C)
  3. To bowl A, add a couple of tablespoons of greek yoghurt and a squirt of honey to taste. Encourage three year old to mix thoroughly without spilling it all. Wipe up the inevitable spills.
  4. To bowl B, add half a small pot of Coyo coconut yoghurt. Invite three year old to mix it up, emphasising the importance of a clean and dairy free spoon. ‘Yoghurt makes Stella poorly, doesn’t it darling?’ Jet nods, knowledgeably.
  5. To bowl C, add most of a mango Ella’s pouch, and stir. You will not need to add any honey as it is already deliciously sweet (but fruit sugars are ok, right? Right?), making this suitable for babies less than a year old.
  6. Spoon into silicon moulds, using a different shape for the dairy and non dairy. For Jet’s, he just put in the slightly sweetened mix. For Stella’s, I layered the creamy coconut yoghurt mix with the sweet mango.
  7. Pop into massively overstuffed freezer. I found mine were completely solid within 2 hours, which was roughly how long it took me to clear enough space in my poor, long-suffering freezer in order to put two silicone trays in flat! Once frozen, they can be turned out of the moulds and stored in a freezer bag – much less space-consuming.
  8. Serve to hot children at your next family barbecue, and then for pudding every day for the next week, due to repeated demand from three year old.


Bowls A, B and (perhaps unsurprisingly) C


The mixes in the silicon moulds

The Verdict

I was curious to see how well the coconut yoghurt would set in the freezer, as it has a fat content of more than 20%, but it did freeze hard, taking even longer to thaw to a palatable temperature and texture than the dairy alternative. This made it quite good for her to handle herself. The mango layer defrosted to a slush fairly readily, giving her something to enjoy while she waited.


Mmmm… tasty


I want to eat it, but it’s just sooooo coolllldddd!!!

Although watching someone actually chew a frozen block of food makes my teeth scream (do you suffer the pain of sensitive teeth?), Jet happily chomped his way through three or four of these at each sitting, served with some fresh fruit or, one one memorable occasion, some cake. He would have had more, but for his diet I exercise the sort of restraint that I never do for myself. He also really liked Stella’s, so next time I would just make a bigger batch of them, and not bother with the dairy ones.

After the first time, we realised that if we intended the kids to eat these for pudding, we had to get them out of the freezer before we served them their dinner, to give them a chance to soften a bit. It was a great way for a baby-led weaner to explore a texture and temperature sensation, and she found it doubled an an excellent gel when rubbed copiously into her hair!


Look at the hair! Not the state of that muslin or the fact she is still in her pyjamas or the really old highchair cushion that I have since replaced with a lovely new one… Oh well. PInable it ain’t!

The Coyo is a good product for those avoiding lactose. As many people with lactose intolerance also find soy protein a problem, all those delicious lactose free deserts such as Alpro are off limits, and a lot of the others are made of pea protein and taste, well, a lot like peas. This is very thick and creamy, with a pleasant but distinctive flavour and is not sweetened.

I spoke to Stella’s dietician about giving it to her, and she pointed out that it doesn’t have the same nutritional benefits of yoghurt, as it doesn’t contain any calcium, but it is good to have occasionally as a treat or desert. This is just as well, as it costs almost £2 for that little pot you see up there, but Stella does love it straight from the pot as well as mixed with fruit. As an added bonus, you can buy in in our local Tesco, making it more convenient than having to go to a health food shop specially.

I like the fact it isn’t sweetened, as there are so many things Stella can’t have for pudding and I tend to give her a lot of fruit, purees, jelly etc, all of which contain sugar. This is a great alternative to that, being something she enjoys but without the sugar.

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8 thoughts on “Recipe – Dairy and non dairy frozen ‘yoghurt’ bites

    1. It is a good one for getting the kids involved – you can’t really go wrong. My boy loves to bake, but it is all too easy to over-stir a muffin or scone. This way he gets to go to town with a spoon. And the mashing? He’s in heaven!

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  1. This is a fab idea – even not having anyone with lactose intolerance in the family, I would definitely give that coconut yoghurt a go. They look perfect for enjoying on hot, sunny days too. Thank you so much for sharing on #SummerDays – hope you join us again next week!!


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