8 perfectly normal things that Jet does

Three year olds. You can’t take them anywhere! Seemingly unembarrassable, they each have a unique set of quirks, presumably devised to help them make sense of the world around them, whilst completely baffling everyone else. Not to disappoint, my boy Jet also has some interesting ways. He totally owns them all!


“Minions song!”

1. So, Sweet Home Alabama came on the radio and Jet rushed over to the shelf, holding on to steady himself as he balanced on one leg and bobbed up and down, nodding his head. This, apparently, is what passes for dancing if you are Jet. He now does this dance whenever the mood takes him.

photo (21)

The sleeping helmet. Of course.

2. One afternoon a few months ago, I went to wake him from his nap to find him asleep with his head inside a sort of net storage basket thing.

Me: “What’s that doing on your head, mate?”

Jet: (Matter of fact -ly) “Oh, this is my sleeping helmet.”

Me: “Of course it is.”

We expected this to last a day or two, but no. My boy is nothing if not loyal to his crazy plans and schemes, and this one has developed into a habit. Now he will only go to sleep if he, Kevin, Dodd, Mugglewump, Beatles Teddy and Kermit have their heads fully inside the helmet.20150608_073722_resized

Jet’s horse, named “Saulish”. Obviously.

3. Sometimes you buy a cuddly toy and it already has a name – Kermit is unquestionably Kermit for example. Before the nippers can talk, you can enjoy naming their toys for them, after your favourite literary figures or whatever. But there comes a time when it seems right to involve them in this process, like when Mugglewump got a new baby brother.

Me: “Jet, this is Mugglewump’s new baby brother. What do you think we should call him?”

Jet: (Without a moment’s hesitation) “Dodd.”

Me: “OK… well, have a think and I’ll ask you again tomorrow.”

I had hoped that when tomorrow came, he would have forgotten the Dodd thing and be open to suggestions. This was not the case. Dodd he was. This, incidentally, is the same method by which Jet’s doll ended up being called Hover, and his horse was named Saulish.


Hover enjoys a cup of tea during some much needed down time.

4. Since we went on holiday to France, anyone talking in a way that is incomprehensible to Jet is speaking some form of French – according to him, Stella speaks “baby French” Animals also speak French, eg Tiger French and Snake French.

5. I have a bit of a penchant for nail art. Jet shares this, and routinely demands that I paint his name on his nails.


“No, that’s not right! It says ‘c’ not ‘sssssss!!!!!’

6. Jet has always loved letters and numbers, so Christmases and birthdays have always produced many presents on this theme, meaning that we now have every educational toy known to man. One such item (which also makes it into that special place in my heart reserved for musical toys) is the Letter Factory. Basically, you put a letter in the slot, it sings a little ditty saying which sound that letter makes. So far, so good. But, as any critic of synthetic phonics will tell you, letters are often not too obliging – many of them stubbornly insist on making more than one sound. As Jet sees himself as very much an authority on letters and sounds, this makes him very angry.

7. Hardly surprisingly, given that he lives with me and Chris, he adds suffixes to words all the time. Poor kid has been brought up to think that this is completely normal, because we do it constantly. The cat isn’t Juno, she’s Junaloids. Dinner becomes dinnerloids. Dinosaurs are dinosauraloids, and droids (Jet’s favourite show, a poor eighties Star Wars spin off) is droidaloids. And so on.

8. When words just won’t do, Jet has special faces to help him communicate his deeply nuanced meaning. I give you:

IMG-20150607-WA0007_resizedWill Face

IMG-20150607-WA0002_resizedCold Face

20150607_115127_resizedStella Face

What weirdnesses do your small people possess? Do share. I’d like to know what he’s up against in the “Nutter of the Year” Awards (Under 5s category), sponsored by Froot Shoots, but I’m pretty sure he’ll make the finals.

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38 thoughts on “8 perfectly normal things that Jet does

  1. I LOVE the sleeping helmet. That’s not nuttiness. It’s genius! 🙂

    My little boy hasn’t started talking yet (he’s 2.5… I dread to think what the first thing he’ll say will be), but he gets quite set in his ways. He likes things just so and some days if you dare to move a toy he has put in a certain place you will be on the receiving end of the rage face.

    Thank you for making me laugh – a wonderful post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much for that, Claire. Including this, I have been nominated twice this week, which is just super awesome! I will get around to it but got to put on my primary school teacher hat for the next few days… But thanks again 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, what a great photo of him asleep with the storage basket on his head, legend! My boy’s still a little young but I’m already starting to see parts of his quirky personality and I can’t wait until he’s old enough to start expressing them a bit more. #sharethejoy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is great to see their personalities emerge… mad little autonomous beings that we have created!
      You know, being quite new to this malarkey, I hadn’t linked this on #sharethejoy, but luckily you tagged it, so I looked it up and now I have! So thanks for that 😉


    1. That is probably the most normal of all the things though, right? 😀 I keep thinking that it won’t be long before he’ll be mortified at having this sort of online presence and demand I take it down!!
      Mick, how long has your blog been up and running, and would you accept a nomination for a Liebster award? Seeing as I enjoy your blog I thought I would nominate you if you would care for that sort of thing? See you tomorrow night, anyway!


  3. hahaha! This is awesome. He sounds like such a character :). I love how you guys put extra words on normal words. We do that too you see. And he sounds so creative with his toys names! I love the horse name – Saulish. Hover sounds very exotic too.

    Very funny post. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jet is my new hero! These are all amazing.

    Sleeping helmet! We have one of those baskets & I can honestly say that it had never crossed my mind that it might ever end up being slept in!

    I initially read Hover the doll as Hoover the doll, & really can’t decide which amuses me more. I have done a quick mental recap of what my childhood dolls were called & have established I was a dull & unimaginative child! x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Me too. It was Peter the bear, Annie the doll at my house. Having said that, I did have an extensive network of imaginary friends to name as well, so I had to keep it simple 😉


  6. Haha…you think you’re a bit bonkers (well I do about myself) until you meet your own children. They are their own little world of crazy. My oldest likes to pull up on his willy and say ‘he’s looking at me!’
    He loves having his nails painted too and dressing up as Elsa to just do normal routine task round the house, so looks like quite a fabulous cross dresser. I am assured by pre-school that there is a little group of boys who all do this so he’s in good company.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The sleeping helmet is absolutely brilliant! That photo is definitely one for the 18th birthday! My little one has some funny ways too. He will not, absolutely not eat anything that is broken. He would rather not eat a biscuit than eat a broken biscuit and god forbid if a piece falls off his pancake as I’m taking it out the wrapping! Also, absolutely everything where possible has to be made into a train game! If he can make something into a train (it might be rubbish from the bin!), he’ll do it! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Haha! I love his sleeping helmet. I wonder why?

    Our baby’s weird thing at the moment is rubbing food on the floor or in his bib pocket before eating it. No idea why.


    Liked by 1 person

  9. this made me laugh! my daughter is insisting on wearing a tutu to nursery at the moment and replies to any question with “Minky Moo!” which I have no idea what it means or where shes got that from….


  10. Wow I absolutely love the sleeping helmet, what a clever boy…he is obviously preparing himself for travel to mosquito ridden climes, like Scotland perhaps. And I’m so glad we aren’t the only ones that do the word elongation thing, no traditional baby talk in our house: it’s all …lingtons and …fordshires and …browns here. If one of us can get a fordshirebrownlington there’s both admiration and jealousy X

    Liked by 1 person

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