How to join two pieces of canvas for needlepoint tapestry

Started a project and then found you need to add more canvas? This happened to me a few weeks ago.

I started work on this Home Sweet Home’ design, intending it to be a square with a floral trim along the top.ย 20150414_071308_resizedOnce I had stitched this floral element, I loved it. It worked so well, I thought the design needed more of it. I went back to the chart and added another row of flowers, this time running vertically to the left of the key. Just one problem – I had run out of canvas! I needed to add some more. Here’s how I joined it.


I cut a strip of canvas to leave space for the new part of my design – I only needed to add an extra inch. I overlapped the new strip with the existing canvas and basted it in place with some sewing machine cotton, which is really fine. I used a neutral colourย that wouldn’t show up once I had stitched over it – in this case, grey.


To make sure the holes in each piece of canvas continue to line up, I used two rows of cross stitches. As the cotton is so fine, it is difficult to see in the photo.

I stitched the new part of the design, putting the needle through both layers of the canvas with each stitch so that it became very well attached. After a few rows of stitching, it was completely secure and straight – you would barely see the join.


By the time I had finished stitching the design, the join was barely noticeable, except for a faint ridge, which you can just about see here:

home sweet home join

I was able to adapt and improve my design as I went along, ending up with the result I was happy with. (You will notice that as well as altering the width to add the border, I changed the type face for the word ‘sweet’ after I conducted some market research on my Facebook page)

home sweet home

It’s finished! Just got to get the photography done and I can get the kit on sale.

You could use this technique for joining two pieces of canvas if you wanted to stitch a needlepoint tapestry design that is larger than the pieces of canvas you can buy in shops. This would be handy if, for example, you wanted to make a piece for upholstery.


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