The Campaign #NoMoreWeirdToyMusic – An open letter to our songwriters

Dear talented professional,

You are a craftsperson. Hours are spent considering how to best place your carefully penned lyrics, the emphasis of each word vitally important to communicating your message. Melody, harmony and rhythm in perfect balance. We need your help.

Too long have parents the world over suffered at the hands of the poorly written drivel spouted by so many musical toys! Some of our bugbears include

  • The lyrics are nonsensical
  • Vocal line and instrumental line are in different keys, but play simultaneously
  • The pulse of the words battles with the pulse of the music

These things are the enemy of anyone with ears.


Think of the children! If we aren’t careful, they will grow up to think that this is what music should sound like! No!

We have to listen to these odious jingles countless times a day, making them bore into our very souls. This would not be a problem, were they at all worth listening to in the first place, leading to homemade soundproofing becoming a necessity.


This is where you come in. Who can write and record a delightful ditty suitable for a children’s toy that won’t have us reaching for the gaffer tape? Bringing joy to both parents and children alike? I feel this MUST be a possibility. We can achieve this, together. Who’s in?

Yours in hopeful anticipation,

Parents and children worldwide

Add your voice to the campaign #NoMoreWeirdToyMusic and share, tweet, retweet and reblog

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12 thoughts on “The Campaign #NoMoreWeirdToyMusic – An open letter to our songwriters

  1. Yes, yes, yes – I’ll sing along
    With your campaign for better song.
    You’re right, it’s spoiling our children’s ears
    And brains. So well done and three cheers
    For your campaign. Go, get ’em, Alice
    (and try for backing from the Palace?).


  2. Lol love this! I’d also throw out there nursery rhymes (some of them are just mad). And it’s not a song per se, but there are days when I think I’m actually living in a nut house when I have to listen to the music of the jumperoo over and over and over and ovverrr again! #wineandboobs


    1. There’s one piece of plastic I’ve never bought… My daughter actually cried buckets when I put her in one at a friend’s house! But the rainforest gym? I could sing you every melody from that badboy here and now #neverforget


  3. Great campaign! The monotonous, repetitive jingle jangle “songs” are torture. I try to keep the sound switched off to be honest and the beauty of being on to my 2nd child is that all the batteries on all the toys have run out anyway.
    Good luck with it!


  4. Oh I agree 🙂 Luckily we have been able to keep Olivia away from almost all of the weird toy music out there! Thank you for linking on #wineandboobs


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