Love and Marriage

I’ve been designing a wedding announcement pattern for a new kit lately. It’s got me thinking about love and marriage – what symbols and signs spring to mind?


My OH and I have been together for 16 years, which now I’m 32 is officially half my life. He’s a keeper! Not sure why I’m being so nice – I could pretty much say anything I like, seeing as he will never read this, not being much of a reader except when it comes to technical manuals for bizarrely-named equipment. (This I find particularly unfair, given that I have been proofreading the articles he writes for industry publications for years, and now know more than most about Russian Big Muffs and Swollen Pickles… don’t ask)

old selfie

There we are at the millennium, back in the old day, and two fresh-faced younglings 100 years BC (before children).

So, despite my dubious facial hair, he married me in 2009 after a whirlwind 10 year romance. Following a few months of cursory wedding planning, which neither of us were really that interested in (Chair covers? Really!?) it was nearly time to tie the knot.

hen do

He did his best to get out of it, developing an incredibly rare and baffling neurological condition about two weeks before the big day. This lead to a terrifying tour around the specialist hospitals of Central London trying to work out why his eyes were behaving strangely, why it was that he couldn’t walk in a straight line (a crucial part of his duties as bridegroom) culminating in a five night stay at UCH where an amazing neurologist identified his illness all thanks to his absent tendon reflexes. By this time, I would have very happily married that doctor. It was an unbelievably difficult couple of days and our families and I really did fear the worst.

After a five night stay in hospital for some treatment, he was allowed home and we adapted out wedding plans.


I stayed at home the night before the wedding, as he wasn’t really well enough to be by himself. He doesn’t like our wedding photos because he couldn’t open his eyes properly. It took him a few months to fully recover – the first time he went out by himself to buy a pint of milk at the end of the road I couldn’t relax until I knew he’d crossed the road safely and had to stand outside the house and watch for him to return.

We postponed out evening reception and honeymoon until our first anniversary. But I feel very lucky that it worked out the way it did – it gave me a horrible insight into what it must be like for your one and only to be seriously ill.

So, what do I think of when I think of weddings? Hearts and flowers, rings and confetti, same as everyone else I suppose. 20150305_224821


10 thoughts on “Love and Marriage

  1. Really lovely to read this account Alice. Although you told me all about it, I’m sure it must also help you now to out it down in words and remember. How things have improved!! Xx


    1. Thanks for reading, Jenny, and for taking the time to comment. Yes, it is a story! At the time, one of our best men – he couldn’t settle on just one! – asked us if we really wanted to always have this attached to all memories of the wedding. It is true that the two events are definitely intertwined now, but the traumatic time made us even more resolved to be married, asap.

      Do you have a blog, or any other recommendations? I am looking for some good reads!



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