Taking it back to the noughties…

So, I thought I’d start a blog. I know everyone else did this in like 2009 – I always was one of the cool kids!

Today I want to tell the story of how I came to be designing and making tapestry kits.

When Jet was doing his nine months inside, I bought a tapestry kit to make for his bedroom. When I was having Stella, I looked around for one to make for her, but I couldn’t find another one that was quite right for me – so I designed this one.


I went for a circus theme. The central figure is a ringmaster, juggling her name. His podium has her date of birth on it. The top has a circus train and the bottom has a procession of elephants. Here’s Stella with the finished article (it is so massive, I am waiting ’til I’m back at work and I have a bit of spare cash to get it framed).


Since I made this, I have worked on the original ideas and improved them, developing some of the elements into my tapestry kits. I guess I thought other people might like to make them for their children’s rooms too! The elephants take centre stage in their own patterns:ElephantsPeggy-SueThe ringmaster also gets his own pattern, reworked so people can personalise it for themselves.Jack

I think I’ve got the colours working much better now, and I think the characters work really well on their own. There are lots of other ideas in the pipeline and I am working on some designs with the other motifs now – I’ll keep you posted.

And that’s how I ended up starting my little Alice Makes tapestry kits business.


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